Touhou 06 : The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Touhou 06 : The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

forum ranking


Full Version Easy

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 142.338.800 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
2nd Nori 94.925.720 ALL 1CC
3rd khaaos 78.063.630 ALL 1CC 75 fps Marisa
4th Yami9999 78.024.370 ALL 1CC Reimu A
5th TeK 73.656.240 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
6th Zomby 70.038.370 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
7th osadze 60.438.570 ALL 1CC
8th leo83400 54.629.600 5 marisa-B
9th S-B 52.931.660 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
10th GabbyJay 45.864.710 5
11th radiant silvergun 40.789.050 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
12th shin-j 36.504.010 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
13th E.T.E 31.294.290 ALL 1CC Reimu Hakure A
14th A-M 29.245.100 ALL 1CC Reimu-A

Full Version Normal

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 287.674.830 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
2nd Lyv 138.279.210 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
3rd khaaos 113.192.010 ALL 1CC 75 fps Marisa
4th krius 111.212.270 ALL 1CC Marisa-A
5th Yami9999 110.285.740 ALL 1CC Reimu A
6th Undef 108.862.270 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
7th Aldherrian 89.482.680 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
8th Neptas 87.473.520 ALL 1CC Marisa-B
9th superplayer 82.118.220 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
10th S-B 82.082.900 6 Reimu-A
11th A-M 80.925.610 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
12th radiant silvergun 80.570.280 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
13th Pulsar 79.532.170 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
14th mutmut02 70.558.440 ALL 1CC Marisa-B
15th Zomby 69.177.640 5 Reimu-A
16th Fu 68.587.610 5 Reimu-A
17th Shû Shirakawa 61.887.640 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
18th Anaemic 59.233.470 5 Reimu-A
19th osadze 53.899.300 5 reimu A
20th yace 39.778.270 6 Reimu-A
21st E.T.E 37.974.480 5 Reimu Hakurei A

Full Version Hard

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 324.231.360 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
2nd khaaos 153.641.070 ALL 1CC 75 fps
3rd Lyv 141.915.470 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
4th Yami9999 114.296.800 ALL 1CC Reimu A
5th Acanthe 73.171.000 5 Reimu-A
6th A-M 62.397.630 4 Reimu-A
7th Fu 43.954.970 4 Reimu-A
8th osadze 15.195.940 3 reimu-A

Full Version Lunatic

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 419.005.910 ALL 1CC
2nd Lyv 169.162.320 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
3rd pandoraXhunter 130.578.210 ALL 1CC MarisaB 1cc
4th Juju Kenobi 107.212.600 ALL 1CC MarisaB
5th Yami9999 93.053.760 5 Reimu-A
6th superplayer 53.871.270 4 Reimu-A
7th krius 28.993.480 3 Marisa-A
8th A-M 24.244.370 3 Reimu-A
9th osadze 6.988.170 2 Reimu-A

Full Version Extra

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 355.779.860 ALL 1CC Marisa-B
2nd Pierrot 317.131.690 ALL 1CC Marisa-B
3rd khaaos 147.401.460 ALL 1CC 75 fps
4th Lyv 129.241.120 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
5th leo83400 61.278.880 1 marisa-B
6th A-M 7.816.510 1 Reimu-A

1CC !

A-M Full Version Easy PC 29.245.100
A-M Full Version Normal PC 80.925.610
Aldherrian Full Version Normal PC 89.482.680
chumlum Full Version Hard PC 324.231.360
chumlum Full Version Normal PC 287.674.830
chumlum Full Version Easy PC 142.338.800
chumlum Full Version Lunatic PC 419.005.910
chumlum Full Version Extra PC 355.779.860
E.T.E Full Version Easy PC 31.294.290
Juju Kenobi Full Version Lunatic PC 107.212.600
khaaos Full Version Easy PC 78.063.630
khaaos Full Version Normal PC 113.192.010
khaaos Full Version Hard PC 153.641.070
khaaos Full Version Extra PC 147.401.460
krius Full Version Normal PC 111.212.270
Lyv Full Version Extra PC 129.241.120
Lyv Full Version Normal PC 138.279.210
Lyv Full Version Hard PC 141.915.470
Lyv Full Version Lunatic PC 169.162.320
mutmut02 Full Version Normal PC 70.558.440
Neptas Full Version Normal PC 87.473.520
Nori Full Version Easy PC 94.925.720
osadze Full Version Easy PC 60.438.570
pandoraXhunter Full Version Lunatic PC 130.578.210
Pierrot Full Version Extra PC 317.131.690
Pulsar Full Version Normal PC 79.532.170
radiant silvergun Full Version Normal PC 80.570.280
radiant silvergun Full Version Easy PC 40.789.050
S-B Full Version Easy PC 52.931.660
shin-j Full Version Easy PC 36.504.010
Shû Shirakawa Full Version Normal PC 61.887.640
superplayer Full Version Normal PC 82.118.220
TeK Full Version Easy PC 73.656.240
Undef Full Version Normal PC 108.862.270
Yami9999 Full Version Normal PC 110.285.740
Yami9999 Full Version Hard PC 114.296.800
Yami9999 Full Version Easy PC 78.024.370
Zomby Full Version Easy PC 70.038.370