Touhou 10 : Mountain of Faith Touhou 10 : Mountain of Faith

forum ranking


Full Version Easy

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st khaaos 766.429.930 ALL 1CC Reimu B
2nd Yami9999 515.075.530 ALL 1CC Reimu A
3rd Oyashiro 303.669.400 ALL 1CC
4th shin-j 279.948.220 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
5th KNARFF 211.951.960 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
6th E.T.E 150.324.460 ALL 1CC ReimuA

Full Version Normal

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st Undef 708.190.940 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
2nd Lyv 669.753.490 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
3rd Fu 609.551.410 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
4th khaaos 565.282.680 ALL 1CC Reimu B
5th krius 527.256.300 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
6th Yami9999 479.962.970 ALL 1CC Reimu A
7th Marshal Banana 268.533.050 ALL 1CC Reimu-A
8th M.Knight 258.177.090 6 Reimu-B
9th Erhune 178.210.200 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
10th osadze 145.651.790 6 Reimu-A
11th KNARFF 121.921.680 6 Reimu-A

Full Version Hard

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st pandoraXhunter 646.786.980 ALL 1CC MarisaC Hard 1cc
2nd Undef 441.853.250 ALL 1CC Reimu-B
3rd khaaos 364.665.400 ALL 1CC Reimu B
4th KNARFF 76.418.790 4 Reimu-A
5th osadze 53.104.960 3 Reimu-A

Full Version Lunatic

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st pandoraXhunter 489.859.880 ALL 1CC MarisaC 1cc
2nd khaaos 226.511.010 6 Reimu B
3rd KNARFF 24.488.490 2 Reimu-A

Full Version Extra

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st krius 408.467.160 ALL 1CC Reimu-B

1CC !

E.T.E Full Version Easy PC 150.324.460
Erhune Full Version Normal PC 178.210.200
Fu Full Version Normal PC 609.551.410
khaaos Full Version Easy PC 766.429.930
khaaos Full Version Hard PC 364.665.400
khaaos Full Version Normal PC 565.282.680
KNARFF Full Version Easy PC 211.951.960
krius Full Version Extra PC 408.467.160
krius Full Version Normal PC 527.256.300
Lyv Full Version Normal PC 669.753.490
Marshal Banana Full Version Normal PC 268.533.050
Oyashiro Full Version Easy PC 303.669.400
pandoraXhunter Full Version Lunatic PC 489.859.880
pandoraXhunter Full Version Hard PC 646.786.980
shin-j Full Version Easy PC 279.948.220
Undef Full Version Normal PC 708.190.940
Undef Full Version Hard PC 441.853.250
Yami9999 Full Version Easy PC 515.075.530
Yami9999 Full Version Normal PC 479.962.970