Gate of Thunder Gate of Thunder

forum ranking



Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st Tonkatsu 1.796.100 ALL 1CC One life
2nd rising thunder 1.770.500 ALL 1CC One Life
3rd Mickey 1.707.400 ALL 1CC
4th UGO 1.558.800 ALL 1CC
5th Gagarine 1.535.500 ALL 1CC
6th mutmut02 1.447.700 ALL 1CC
7th anzymus 327.200 5

1CC !

2a03 Normal PCECD 1.812.500
2a03 Devil PCECD 3.018.000
Gagarine Normal PCECD 1.535.500
Mickey Normal PCECD 1.707.400
mutmut02 Normal PCECD 1.447.700
rising thunder Normal PCECD 1.770.500
Tonkatsu Normal PCECD 1.796.100
UGO Normal PCECD 1.558.800