Touhou 09 : Phantasmagoria of Flower View Touhou 09 : Phantasmagoria of Flower View

forum ranking


Full Version Easy

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st Lyv 114.200.380 ALL 1CC Reisen
2nd khaaos 76.243.260 ALL 1CC La musicienne
3rd Neptas 72.952.610 ALL 1CC Reisen
4th A-M 54.156.540 ALL 1CC Marisa
5th Yami9999 52.713.400 ALL 1CC Reimu
6th krius 37.764.960 ALL 1CC Youmu
7th shin-j 32.384.710 ALL 1CC Reimu

Full Version Normal

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 259.442.180 ALL 1CC Eiki
2nd Lyv 162.007.320 ALL 1CC Eiki
3rd khaaos 111.272.490 ALL 1CC Cirno trop choux :3
4th krius 84.746.480 ALL 1CC Yuuka
5th Neptas 82.366.510 ALL 1CC Reisen
6th Yami9999 57.492.590 ALL 1CC Reimu
7th A-M 44.173.290 9 Reisen
8th Marshal Banana 30.552.010 ALL 1CC Aya
9th Fu 19.559.100 8 Reimu

Full Version Hard

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 262.927.100 ALL 1CC Eiki
2nd Lyv 161.543.630 ALL 1CC Eiki

Full Version Lunatic

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st chumlum 296.506.770 ALL 1CC Reisen
2nd Lyv 231.716.880 ALL 1CC Marisa
3rd khaaos 94.763.340 ALL 1CC Marisa powa
4th VioletHatPurple 92.202.260 ALL 1CC
5th Yami9999 79.202.940 ALL 1CC Reimu
6th MrPokeprout 78.705.350 ALL 1CC Medicine
7th krius 68.888.710 8 Reisen

Full Version Extra

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st urg69 131.297.280 ALL 1CC Komachi
2nd Lyv 117.767.390 ALL 1CC Reisen

1CC !

A-M Full Version Easy PC 54.156.540
chumlum Full Version Hard PC 262.927.100
chumlum Full Version Normal PC 259.442.180
chumlum Full Version Lunatic PC 296.506.770
khaaos Full Version Normal PC 111.272.490
khaaos Full Version Lunatic PC 94.763.340
khaaos Full Version Easy PC 76.243.260
krius Full Version Normal PC 84.746.480
krius Full Version Easy PC 37.764.960
Lyv Full Version Hard PC 161.543.630
Lyv Full Version Easy PC 114.200.380
Lyv Full Version Normal PC 162.007.320
Lyv Full Version Lunatic PC 231.716.880
Lyv Full Version Extra PC 117.767.390
Marshal Banana Full Version Normal PC 30.552.010
MrPokeprout Full Version Lunatic PC 78.705.350
Neptas Full Version Easy PC 72.952.610
Neptas Full Version Normal PC 82.366.510
shin-j Full Version Easy PC 32.384.710
urg69 Full Version Extra PC 131.297.280
VioletHatPurple Full Version Lunatic PC 92.202.260
Yami9999 Full Version Normal PC 57.492.590
Yami9999 Full Version Easy PC 52.713.400
Yami9999 Full Version Lunatic PC 79.202.940