Shikhondo : Soul Eater Shikhondo : Soul Eater

forum ranking


Arcade Easy

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st Shû Shirakawa 13.735.418.989 ALL 1CC The Girl
2nd Vlatabaff 1.459.691.046 5 BOSS

Arcade Normal

Rank Player Score Stage Comment
1st Palgork 2.822.154.791 5 BOSS Grim Reaper
2nd mutmut02 2.682.620.969 ALL 1CC The Girl
3rd Mickey 2.230.570.866 5 BOSS
4th Shû Shirakawa 2.103.678.935 5 BOSS The Girl
5th Doudinou 1.803.444.625 5 The Girl

1CC !

mutmut02 Arcade Normal PC 2.682.620.969
Shû Shirakawa Arcade Easy PS4 13.735.418.989